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Tales from the Black Hiway
Tales from the Black Hiway

Tales from the Black Hiway
Story and Art: Rick Forgus
A dark Journey along the Backroads of the Supernatural.

"Very cool looking stuff ... stylized and fun!" - Mike Carlin - DC Entertainment

Click here for more BlackHiway webcomics, Character information and the Author's blog:

Follow the Author / Illustrator on facebook: Rick Forgus

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Tales from the Black Hiway is TM and © 2011-2012 Rick Forgus & Atomic Werewolf Studio

Alagg The Barbarian
Alagg The Barbarian


Alagg The Barbarian
Story: Antony Ez Esmond / David Houghton Art: Paul Rose
Alagg is a hopeless Barbarian. He was mighty in war and a little rubbish in real life. He has returned home to his village after years of adventures and is taking the changes hard. Along with his sidekick Grabax the angry gnome he fumbles through everyday life, damsels, vagina monsters and much more.

Click here for more information about the Alagg comic strip; the people behind it, background info, how it is put together, future plans for the comic, etc:
An Interview with creators of Alagg The Barbarian - writer Antony Ez Esmond and artist Paul Rose

Click here if you want to read Alagg's adventures in Comic Gallery format.

Can't get enough of Alagg? Want more Alagg? Check out

Biff Zongo
Biff Zongo


Biff Zongo
Author and Creator: Fredrik Sjöholm Artist: Jan Kustfält is a relatively new web comic by Swedish cartoonists Fredrik Sjöholm and Jan Kustfält. The comic has been described as »a strange blend of bad-taste, high-brow, below-waist, elitist white trash screwball comedy.

For more Biff Zongo, check out the official website at

You can find Fredrik Sjöholm and Jan Kustfält on Facebook at and respectively.

And here's Biff Zongo's Facebook page: Biff Zongo on Facebook.

OneLastDay Comix Issue 01
OneLastDay Comix Issue 01

WARNING: This comic contains mature content not suitable for minors.

OneLastDay Comix Issue #1
Story and Art: Adam Yeater
The title "One Last Day" is the basis of all the strips in this series of one page comics. Each page is his "last day". In some vague way or another that is.

Click here if you want to read OneLastDay Comix Comic Gallery format.

Click here to view gorgeously drawn OneLastDay Paintings by Adam.

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OneLastDay on Youtube

Cee & Bee: Run Around, Smash Things Up & Get In Trouble
Cee & Bee: Run Around, Smash Things Up & Get In Trouble

Story and Art By Feliq

Sisters, Cindy and Bianca charge around the world messing up a simple job and causing untold grief to thickset scoundrel Francis as he plots fiendishly as scoundrels tend to. Lurking, chasing, running away. The shabbily organized bad tempered and confused adventure doesn't let up even when Cee & Bee desperately want it to.

"Nearly half way. Which makes me happy because I can't wait to finish this bloody comic, get a movie deal, get corrupted by vast wealth, ruin myself and family...and end it all with the most mean-spirited of auto-biographies." - Feliq

Check out this article about Feliq, the author of Cee & Bee: Up and coming Artist - Ed Traquino

Ed can be found at the following websites:

Or look him up on Facebook. Feliq Did A Comic can be found at Facebook at Feliq Did A Comic

Cee and Bee can be found at

He is represented by Famous Frames at

P.I. Jane FCBD 2011 Edition
P.I. Jane FCBD 2011 Edition

Created and Written by
Lauren Burke and Greg Sorkin
Pencils, Inks, Colors and Additional Letters by
Antonio Maldonado

Letters by Greg Sorkin
Cover by Antonio Maldonado
Guest Art by Lyndsey Raney
Book Layout by Greg Sorkin

Dip your toe into the world of Jane Day. Follow Jane and her frenemy Heather as they go undercover for the world's biggest pop star (Amber Valentine) to snoop on the worlds biggest rock star (Kane Truman) — Amber's fiancée.

If you liked this comic, you might want to check out P.I. Jane - Missions: Totally Do-able, available in digital version at DriveThruComics and tradepaperback format at IndyPlanet

View P.I. Jane in Comic Gallery Format

Bloodworks: The Rhesus Generation
Bloodworks: The Rhesus Generation

By Adam Chrimes and Francisco Hnilo
Variant Covers by Brad Hauter and Chris Heath

Sixty years after the genesis of Project Chrysalis, thousands of Meta-human combatants are leaving their deadly footprints across the Globe. Enter; Ares and Ultra, super powered agents in the employ of her majesty’s government. When a terrorist threat strikes the heart of London, can these two deadly Demi-Gods hope to be deployed in time? And just how far has the dream of the superman fallen in these grey times?

Click here for an Interview with Bloodworks creators, Adam Chrimes and Francisco Hnilo

Click here for a quick behind-the-scene creative process by Francisco Hnilo

View Bloodworks in Comic Gallery Format

Zita: The High Priestess of the White Light
Zita: The High Priestess of the White Light

By Vicki Locey and Tom Curtis

Zita - Set in a world of fantasy this first issue will introduce us to the High Priestess of the White Light, Zita and her mystical avatars, the tigers Kira and Khorshed. Her world now lies in ruins, Etheria of the past is gone. And in the stead of rich temples honoring the gods of the tigers now stands only despair for the people of the lands. For the Priest of the Ebony Light Atash now controls the world Zita fights for. Joined in her epic journey to avenge her parents and free the people of her world, she joined by Siamok, the warrior bid to raise her from infancy. And Savosh, the brash young warrior of the Thin Tiger tribe.

View Zita in Comic Gallery Format

Have a Gothy Day: Graphic Novel Vol 1
Have a Gothy Day: Graphic Novel Vol 1

By Ricky Gibson and Jimmy Marquez

The New Have A Gothy Day Graphic Novel Will Be Coming Out In The Next Few Months Through Lulu, And It Will Be The Complete First Volume With Every Comic With Commetary From The Creators, Pin-ups And Never Before Seen Ever Features. It Will Be Our First Glorious (-Or Disasterous-) Jump Into Being Actual Comic Book Artists AND Writer, And We Hope We Can Count On Our Friends, Fans And Well-Wishers To Help Make HAGD A Big Hit!...Or Atleast A Modest Underground Hit We Can Shamelessly Brag About.

Click here for an Interview with HAGD! creators, Ricky Gibson and Jimmy Marquez

View HAGD! in Comic Gallery Format

The Talon
The Talon

By Chris Heath and Sean M Bybee
Variant Cover by: Jennie Heath
Lettering: Chris Heath

A new story from writer Chris Heath and artist Sean Bybee ... here comes TALON! A new man in a new life. But, how does he live with what he has to live with? What burdens must he carry with his gifts? How can a man built during world war 2 fit into the times of now? The first of a series of nine issues starts here, and it's a promise it's big!

Click here for an Interview with Talon creators, Chris Heath and Sean M Bybee

View The Talon in Comic Gallery Format

Words and Sequential

Adam Chrimes is the writer of The Apathetic Dead and co-creator of Bloodworks. His other webcomics include Woodwose and the upcoming Capefall.

Thoughts From a Yodeling Goat Herder

Vicky Locey is the writer of Kricket & Kat and co-creator of Criss/Cross and Zita. Vicki also writes the Original Fiction: Sons of War.

Pop Culture This!

Pop Culture This! Author of Hollyweird Living and DCnU Reviews. Joshua McConnaughey also contributes analytical articles in regards the comic industry here.

Master's Degree Crap

Master's Degree Crap Blog run by OTM Kingpins, MasterFlossin and Ross Rivers. Ross is co-founder of 2Truecomics and he also contributes articles on EWC.