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Chronicles of the Broken Sword

Chronicles of the Broken Sword

Concept, Story & Art by Reuben Debord

“Chronicles of the Broken Sword” is a series about a very non-traditional wizard named Hugo Hudson, and his new job as the Master Mage. His job is to protect the dimension that he now lives in, which is much easier said than done. This world is a place unlike our own, though it does have similarities with our world.

Superpowers by Ross Rivers & Micah Arndt

Superpowers by Ross Rivers & Micah Arndt

Story & Art by Ross Rivers & Micah Arndt

2True Comics is the creation of Ross Rivers and Micah Arndt. They have worked on putting out content under the name of 2True Comics for a long time and Super Powers is the result of their hard work.

Tales from the Black Hiway

Tales from the Black Hiway

Story and Art: Rick Forgus

A dark Journey along the Backroads of the Supernatural.

Hollyweird Living

Hollyweird Living

Story and Art by Joshua McConnaughey

The premise of Hollyweird Living is a group of people that work for a fictional movie studio called Fabrication Studio.  Throughout the strips the characters interact with each other, celebrities and stand-in celebs.

OneLastDay Comix Issue 01

OneLastDay Comix Issue 01

Story and Art by Adam Yeater

The title "One Last Day" is the basis of all the strips in this series of one page comics. Each page is his "last day". In some vague way or another that is.

Alagg The Barbarian

Alagg The Barbarian

Story by Antony Ez Esmond and Art by Paul Rose

Alagg is a hopeless Barbarian. He was mighty in war and a little rubbish in real life. He has returned home to his village after years of adventures and is taking the changes hard. Along with his sidekick Grabax the angry gnome he fumbles through everyday life, damsels, vagina monsters and much more.

Cee & Bee: Run Around, Smash Things Up & Get In Trouble

Cee & Bee: Run Around, Smash Things Up & Get In Trouble

Story and Art by Feliq

Sisters, Cindy and Bianca charge around the world messing up a simple job and causing untold grief to thickset scoundrel Francis as he plots fiendishly as scoundrels tend to. Lurking, chasing, running away. The shabbily organized bad tempered and confused adventure doesn't let up even when Cee & Bee desperately want it to.

Biff Zongo

Biff Zongo

Story by Fredrik Sjöholm and Art by Jan Kustfält is a relatively new web comic by Swedish cartoonists Fredrik Sjöholm and Jan Kustfält. The comic has been described as »a strange blend of bad-taste, high-brow, below-waist, elitist white trash screwball comedy.

P.I. Jane FCBD 2011 Edition

P.I. Jane FCBD 2011 Edition

Story by Lauren Burke & Greg Sorkin and Art by Antonio Maldonado

Dip your toe into the world of Jane Day. Follow Jane and her frenemy Heather as they go undercover for the world's biggest pop star (Amber Valentine) to snoop on the worlds biggest rock star (Kane Truman) — Amber's fiancée.

Have a Gothy Day! Vol 1

Have a Gothy Day! Vol 1

Story by Jimmy Marquez and Art by Ricky Gibson

The New Have A Gothy Day Graphic Novel Will Be Coming Out In The Next Few Months Through Lulu, And It Will Be The Complete First Volume With Every Comic With Commetary From The Creators, Pin-ups And Never Before Seen Ever Features. It Will Be Our First Glorious (-Or Disasterous-) Jump Into Being Actual Comic Book Artists AND Writer, And We Hope We Can Count On Our Friends, Fans And Well-Wishers To Help Make HAGD A Big Hit!...Or Atleast A Modest Underground Hit We Can Shamelessly Brag About.

The Flea Series

The Flea Series

Story and Art by Chris Heath

When Rick White wakes up inside a suit of armour that shrink down to microscopic size with no memories of his previous life whatsoever, he’s given only one option to turn to. How will Rick react to this new world.

Bloodworks: The Rhesus Generation

Bloodworks: The Rhesus Generation

Story by Adam Chrimes and Art by Francisco Hnilo

Sixty years after the genesis of Project Chrysalis, thousands of Meta-human combatants are leaving their deadly footprints across the Globe. Enter; Ares and Ultra, super powered agents in the employ of her majesty’s government. When a terrorist threat strikes the heart of London, can these two deadly Demi-Gods hope to be deployed in time? And just how far has the dream of the superman fallen in these grey times?

Zita: The High Priestess of the White Light

Zita: The High Priestess of the White Light

Story by Vicki Locey and Art by Curtis Tom

Zita - Set in a world of fantasy this first issue will introduce us to the High Priestess of the White Light, Zita and her mystical avatars, the tigers Kira and Khorshed. Her world now lies in ruins, Etheria of the past is gone. And in the stead of rich temples honoring the gods of the tigers now stands only despair for the people of the lands. For the Priest of the Ebony Light Atash now controls the world Zita fights for. Joined in her epic journey to avenge her parents and free the people of her world, she joined…

The Talon

The Talon

Story by Chris Heath and Art by Sean M Bybee

A new story from writer Chris Heath and artist Sean Bybee ... here comes TALON! A new man in a new life. But, how does he live with what he has to live with? What burdens must he carry with his gifts? How can a man built during world war 2 fit into the times of now? The first of a series of nine issues starts here, and it's a promise it's big!

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Bloodlines - Epilogue

(21 - votes)

Bloodlines – Epilogue


Dawn Touch

Late November

Gabrielle glances up from her reading. “Jess, please, can you sit down? You`re making Stitch nervous.”

The river ghoul yells at the redhead from his wading pool in front of the fireplace.

The witch stalks back from the open door to the library. “He said he`d be here at eight,” Jessica grumbles, dropping down in the chair across from Gabby`s, her palms slightly damp believe it or not.

Author Profile: Vicki Locey

Vicki Locey is a prolific writer and Author of the novel Of Gods and Goats

Superpowers: A Ross Rivers & Micha Arndt Interview

(29 - votes)

Ross Rivers and Micah Arndt are co-creators of the webcomic Superpowers. Ross is also a regular contributor on trashmutant. Chris Heath interviews both gentlemen for EWC.

Superpowers Copyright © Ross Rivers & Micah Arndt

Click here to read Superpowers.

Author Profile: Chris Heath

Writer and Artist of The Flea, The Last Cowboy , Sleepers, Talon and Cape Fall just to name a few ;)

TABLE TALK: Arrow- Pilot

(2 - votes)

It's another installment of Table Talk! Last time you saw one of these, two self-proclaimed Thor fans discussed the feature film of Thor. And now, myself and our very own Joshua McConnaughey will discuss the pilot episode of the CW superhero drama ARROW. We hope you enjoy hearing our thoughts as much as we enjoyed sharing them.

Author Profile: RJD

RJD has written fan letters, reviews, and examinations of various qualities, mostly on the Tavern.

Interview with Vicki Locey

(24 - votes)

Vicki Locey, also known as Feral Female on some parts of the Internet, was recently interviewed by RJD, sometimes author of articles here at the EWS. Read on to hear about all the projects that Vicki (VL) is involved with now, and will be involved with in the near future.

Of Gods & Goats © Vicki L Locey
Get your copy Of Gods & Goats here: Of Gods & Goats@From My Shelf
Author Profile: RJD

RJD has written fan letters, reviews, and examinations of various qualities, mostly on the Tavern.

REVIEW - Shanna the She-Devil: Survival of the Fittest

(13 - votes)

Shanna the She-Devil: Survival of the Fittest – Graphic Novel

Marvel Comics

Writers: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti

Penciler: Khari Evans

Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti

Colorists: Paul Mounts & Christina Strain

Author Profile: Derrick Crow

This author has published 1 articles so far. More info about the author is coming soon.

Interview with David Paul

(10 - votes)

Interview with Writer, Comic Creator, Publisher and Letterist, David Paul. David is also the co-founder of Ugli Studios Presents, a creator-owned fantasy/horror/sci-fi anthology book.

Ugli Studios © David Paul & Jason Lenox.

1. Now my first question of the day is, how long have you been reading comics? And what got you into them originally?

DP: Been reading comics all my life since I was a child. Some periods in life I was more dedicated to the hobby than others. But I actually got into comics first through what were known as illustrated magazines with titles like Savage Sword of Conan, Vampirella, and the very first comics magazine I ever lusted for – Heavy Metal! Yeah, I was way too young to be reading those magazines. Especially HM.

2. Heh, at least it helped stimulate the imagination! As you are a writer, what inspired you to begin writing?

DP: Inspiration comes from everywhere. I believe certain types of creators are born to do exactly what it is they must. There is no choice. I’m not sure if that answers the question very clearly but I can tell you that my favorite book as a child was “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats. I’m sure in some way that book influenced me to write.

Author Profile: Robert McClelland

This author has published 2 articles so far. More info about the author is coming soon.

Grimm Fairy Tales: Different Seasons

(15 - votes)

Zenescope EntertainmentGrim Fairy Tales Copyright ©  Zenescope Entertainment.
Writers: Joe Brusha, Raven Gregory, Ralph Tedesco, Raven Gregory
Pencils: Axel Machain, Anthony Spay, Jean-Paul Deshong, Claudio Sepulveda, Rick Ross, Gabriel Rearte, Shawn McCauley, John Toledo, Andrew Mangum
Colors: Jason Embury, Rachelle Rosenberg, Studio Cirque
Lettering: CRANK!, Jim Campbell
Reviewer: Robert McClelland

First I'd like to thank the Essential Webcomics team for allowing me to post a review for them. And with that said, lets get it on!

Author Profile: Robert McClelland

This author has published 2 articles so far. More info about the author is coming soon.

The Flea #21

(12 - votes)

The Flea #21: "Payback" 30 pages
Story and Art: Chris Heath
Art Credits: Robert Evans (Page 11-15)
After being seconds away from execution, The Flea and The Pantheon strike back at The Order.

The Flea Copyright © Chris Heath
Author Profile: Chris Heath

Writer and Artist of The Flea, The Last Cowboy , Sleepers, Talon and Cape Fall just to name a few ;)

"Ironhand draw me..."

(14 - votes)

So I'm going to be running a thing now (possibly throughout this month, but maybe shorter depending on timing and how many requests) called "ironhand, draw me..."
Basically, you guys, anyone, can ask me to draw whatever you want and I will do it! But it has to be during this month (again, or earlier, I will announce when it has ended). So yeah, ask me to draw whatever you want and I'll draw and ink it for you and post it up on here. Try to refrain yourselves from asking me to draw something insanely hard, I am only human after all, but do challenge me if you want :) You can ask more than once as well and I'll try to get around to it!
Get requesting guys, you can ask me anywhere! Don't miss out!

Author Profile: Chris Heath

Writer and Artist of The Flea, The Last Cowboy , Sleepers, Talon and Cape Fall just to name a few ;)

The Flea #20

(7 - votes)

The Flea #20: "The Order" 33 pages
Story and Art: Chris Heath
Art Credits: Sean Bybee (3-5) Declan White (11), Tony Mitchell (13-14), Charlie Smith (28)
Rick and Beam fight for their lives against The Order.

The Flea Copyright © Chris Heath
Author Profile: Chris Heath

Writer and Artist of The Flea, The Last Cowboy , Sleepers, Talon and Cape Fall just to name a few ;)

The Flea #19

(21 - votes)

The Flea #19: "Order And Chaos" 31 pages
Story and Art: Chris Heath
Art: Ryan Yates (Page 1-8), Declan White (Page 28)
Rick, after his previous doubting, begins to accept his role as The Flea and starts to become a growing concern for the criminal community. PLUS, introducing new superhero Beam!!

The Flea Copyright © Chris Heath
Author Profile: Chris Heath

Writer and Artist of The Flea, The Last Cowboy , Sleepers, Talon and Cape Fall just to name a few ;)

Moustache Mayhem

(6 - votes)

Characters and tale belong to Alanna aka Eternal Nightmare

Isabella smiled while she approached the kitchen table and focused on brownies in a large pan. She remembered baking chocolate earlier that day before she took a square. She continued to smile as she tasted it. The brownie was moist, chewy, tasty, etc. Isabella's eyes were huge with surprise the minute arms wrapped around her waist from behind. She turned her head and saw Craig.

Author Profile: Alanna Murphy

This author has published 49 articles so far. More info about the author is coming soon.

Sons of War Poster by Angy W.

(260 - votes)

I am so excited about this poster! It really captures the three guys perfectly. Since this is their poster, I thought it would only be fitting to let them see it and try to capture their reactions. Since they're now trudging across the heartland of the US, this was done via the phone I had given them over the holiday season. What we have here then is a transcript of sorts. I hope I captured the dialog in it entirety but since things were flying pretty fast, there may be a gap or two. So, let's see that the Sons and their travelling companions think of their poster shall we?

Author Profile: Vicki Locey

Vicki Locey is a prolific writer and Author of the novel Of Gods and Goats

Interview with Chris Heath, creator of The Flea

(31 - votes)

Chris Heath is the artist and creator of the webcomic featured here at the Essential Webcomics Showcase, The Flea. For the start of the new year, we have interviewed him to talk about his plans for the year of 2012, among other things.

Cover for Issue 18. Art by Chris Heath
Author Profile: RJD

RJD has written fan letters, reviews, and examinations of various qualities, mostly on the Tavern.

White Lady of Sorrow

(7 - votes)

Story and characters belong to Alanna Murphy

Kevin McDermott stood by the doorway and scowled at Bridget who happened to be his younger sister. His eyes were on her as she sat by the fireplace. *I was meant to inherit our parents' money and home, but me sibling got everything because I purchased nothing but alcohol before some illness killed our mother and father. I will obtain what is rightfully mine if Bridget dies* he thought. The 36-year-old man glowered until he remembered something. That was when a cruel smile appeared on his face.

Author Profile: Alanna Murphy

This author has published 49 articles so far. More info about the author is coming soon.
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