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Story and Art By Feliq

Sisters, Cindy and Bianca charge around the world messing up a simple job and causing untold grief to thickset scoundrel Francis as he plots fiendishly as scoundrels tend to. Lurking, chasing, running away. The shabbily organized bad tempered and confused adventure doesn't let up even when Cee & Bee desperately want it to.

"Nearly half way. Which makes me happy because I can't wait to finish this bloody comic, get a movie deal, get corrupted by vast wealth, ruin myself and family...and end it all with the most mean-spirited of auto-biographies." - Feliq

Check out this article about Feliq, the author of Cee & Bee: Up and coming Artist - Ed Traquino

Ed can be found at the following websites:

Or look him up on Facebook. Feliq Did A Comic can be found at Facebook at Feliq Did A Comic

Cee and Bee can be found at

He is represented by Famous Frames at


0 #3 kacangpool 2011-06-22 22:38
this is one of my favorite books here. there's no gimmick. feliq is just an excellent story teller, and wonderful artist. :-)
0 #2 Gladiator 2011-06-20 08:02
Wonderful!! This is a fantastic graphic novel. It stands heads over shoulders above most comics out there in terms of quality and execution. My highest praise to the creator of this book.
0 #1 Amran 2011-06-11 01:10
This comic is so well put together that when completed I don't why it wouldn't be a huge success. Well done, sir.

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