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Francisco Hnilo

Co-creator and artist of Bloodworks. Studied under Jorge Lucas and Ariel Olivetti...

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Co-creator of Have a Gothy Day comic...

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Francisco Hnilo

Co-creator and artist of Bloodworks. Studied under Jorge Lucas and Ariel Olivetti ...

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Jimmy Marquez

Co-creator of Have a Gothy Day comic ...

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Adam Yeater

Creator and Artist of OneLastDay comix ...

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Roberto Soares Silva

Artist of the webcomic, the Sleepers ...

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Angy W

Artist of the Northland Saga, Der Adler and Superhero Parody ...

The Making of Bloodworks

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Behind each and every page of a comic book, there is a whole artistic process which requires the cooperation of the writer, the penciler and the colourist. Bloodworks is no exception, and here you’ll see what it takes to bring it to life.

Click here for sample pages from the Bloodworks Webcomic

The Making of Bloodworks By Francisco Hnilo

  • First step: Adam (Chrimes) and I discuss the basic idea for the issue, though generally as the writer, Adam has a free rein. This is usually followed by me doing the initial sketches. This helps determine and establish the look of the characters throughout the book.
  • Initial Sketches of Ultra and Eris: Art by Franciso Hnilo

  • Second step: Adam elaborates a script for each issue, which he sends to me (here we use page 2 as an example):

    Panel 1: Climbing upwards towards us on a maintenance ladder, Ultra: A muscularly built men in his mid twenties, a short shock of black hair and a well kept goatee. He is wearing an outfit of the same material as Eris, a chevron indented vest top with red sections on the torso.

    ULTRA: Yes I get it, the weather is shitty. Again. Think you could try and stay focussed on this one for me please?

    Panel 2: Tight on Eris’ feet landing on a rooftop, lightly kicking up a small plume of gravel.

    ERIS: My dear, please-

    Panel 3: Tight on her hand, pulling a large knife from a sheath on her upper leg.

    Panel 4: She holds the knife up by her face, blade down, ready to be thrown.

    ERIS: Focus is my middle name.

    Panel 5: She flicks her arm forward, the knife spinning forwards.

    Panel 6: The knife slams into the sternum of a balaclava wearing individual, still trying to ready his gun. He pitches backwards as the blade slams into him.


  • Third step: After reading over and over again the script, I draw a first, very rough sketch and show it to Adam and KC, so as to know their opinions on my take on the script.
  • Rough Sketch: Art by Franciso Hnilo

  • Fourth step: After I’ve shown and got the rough sketches reviewed by KC and Adam, I draw a blue-pencil sketch in an A3 sheet of paper, which is the size I’ve started using for Bloodworks #1. This sketch is either slightly or completely different from the first one, depending on how many things I’m asked to change and whether I have new ideas I believe could work better for the comic.

    Yes, sometimes I deviate slightly from the script, so long as it doesn't affect the overall storyline. I'd discuss it with Adam, of course. For example (panel 6): Instead of 'sternum' as in the script, I drew Eris' blade lodged into the armed man's forehead. It makes for a better drawing, it's more dramatic and storywise highlights the character's considerable skill with a blade.
  • Blue Pencil Sketch: Art by Franciso Hnilo

  • Fifth step: I draw over the blue pencil sketch, and add further details, then send the finished page to Adam and KC.
  • Finished Pencils: Art by Franciso Hnilo

  • Sixth step: KC colours the page, based on the description of each character, then he shows it to Adam and I for final approval. After he’s done any necessary changes, he adds the dialogues and voilà, the page is finished.
  • The Finished Page: After colors, dialog and post production.

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Author Profile: Francisco Hnilo

This author has published 1 articles so far. More info about the author is coming soon.


0 #2 Adam chrimes 2011-05-31 18:43
This ladies and gentlemen, is a genius at work
0 #1 Amran 2011-04-14 08:00
That is very interesting. More of this please.

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