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  • Sons of War
    By Vicki Locey

    Sons of War is the telling of the twin sons of Ares, the Greek god of bloodlust. One son raised on earth, the other raised on Olympus. Once the two boys are reunited they set off on the ultimate roadtrip, meeting up with new friends, old enemies, monsters, mythos and women, and not necessarily in that order!

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    Sons of War
  • Mafia Series
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    A quirky series about a 'family' of dysfunctional gangsters. It comprises short stories that are sometimes funny, anecdotal, whimsical, strange even, and other times scary and downright pathological.

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    Original Fiction: Mafia Series


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    Mafia Series
  • Wasteland Souls
    By Ross Rivers

    A Sci-Fi Fantasy following two mercenaries trying to make a living in a world barely surviving.

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    Wasteland Souls
  • Tales of Terror
    By Alanna Murphy

    A series of strange, scary, sometimes even mysteriously quirky stories in the mold of House of Mystery, Twilight Zone and Outer Limits.

    Note: Each story is self-contained in this series. You can enjoy each installment without having read the previous ones.

    Original Fiction: Tales of Terror


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    Tales of Terror
  • Kit & Kat
    By Vicki Locey

    Kit & Kat is a tale of redemption, of being lost and finding one`s way back home. It is a tale of loss, hope, despair, glory, darkness and light. It is a tale of one woman adrift and how she discovers salvation when she least expects it. It is a tale of love above all else. Love of self and love of others.

    Illustrated Prose: Kit & Kat


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    Kit and Kat
  • The Apathetic Dead
    By Adam Chrimes. Photos by Charissa and Illustrations by Steven Glavey

    Elegantly written, this illustrated prose is a gripping zombie story set in England. This if but the first part of a series.

    Illustrated Prose: The Apathetic Dead


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    The Apathetic Dead
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Moustache Mayhem

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Characters and tale belong to Alanna aka Eternal Nightmare

Isabella smiled while she approached the kitchen table and focused on brownies in a large pan. She remembered baking chocolate earlier that day before she took a square. She continued to smile as she tasted it. The brownie was moist, chewy, tasty, etc. Isabella's eyes were huge with surprise the minute arms wrapped around her waist from behind. She turned her head and saw Craig.

''You startled me!'' Isabella said to her spouse. She heard the well-dressed man as he apologized. Her eyes were on him while he took one of the brownies. She observed Craig tasting the chocolate treat and nodding with approval. ''Are you in the kitchen for sweets and kisses?'' Isabella inquired before he nodded. She kissed him until her surprised expression returned.

''What is THAT?!'' the woman exclaimed while she pointed at Craig's mouth. She saw dark hair on his upper lip before he mentioned his interest in a moustache. She scowled and shook her head in a disapproving way. ''Your moustache looks terrible! I am not going to kiss you until you shave your face!'' she stated as Craig frowned. Isabella's scowl was still on her face after he went to remove his facial hair. She walked out of the kitchen and found herself in the living room where she observed one of Craig's button men known as Sasha sitting on the sofa.

''My spouse's moustache looks horrible, Sasha! Craig almost seems disfigured!'' Isabella griped.   She was surprised again when Sasha reminded her that he was deformed in a sharp tone. She observed him adjusting his mask before she apologized. Isabella was alert the minute Craig appeared with a shaved face and approached him. A smile appeared on her face as soon as she touched his bare upper lip. ''I'm going to reward you now,'' she said to Craig until she unbuttoned his shirt and prepared to kiss his revealed chest. Isabella scowled again the second she saw chest hair.


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Author Profile: Alanna Murphy

This author has published 49 articles so far. More info about the author is coming soon.

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