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Table Talk

"Ironhand draw me..."

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So I'm going to be running a thing now (possibly throughout this month, but maybe shorter depending on timing and how many requests) called "ironhand, draw me..."
Basically, you guys, anyone, can ask me to draw whatever you want and I will do it! But it has to be during this month (again, or earlier, I will announce when it has ended). So yeah, ask me to draw whatever you want and I'll draw and ink it for you and post it up on here. Try to refrain yourselves from asking me to draw something insanely hard, I am only human after all, but do challenge me if you want :) You can ask more than once as well and I'll try to get around to it!
Get requesting guys, you can ask me anywhere! Don't miss out!

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Last Updated ( Saturday, 02 June 2012 22:26 )
Author Profile: Chris Heath

Writer and Artist of The Flea, The Last Cowboy , Sleepers, Talon and Cape Fall just to name a few ;)

Letting Go Of The 6 Issue Story Arc

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In modern era comics, the trend seems to be the 6 issue story arc. At the time, this solved a lot of problems comics were facing at the time, and countless of stories have been told very well in this format. But it’s starting to become a pandemic. It seems to be be applied to every story senselessly, and it’s started to cause as many problems as it originally solved.

Now, just so we’re all on the same page, I want to describe the standard 6 issue arc as I see it. It’s a single story with a beginning, middle and end, spread across 6 issues. Generally speaking, the setup is in issue 1, and the resolution in issue 6. Yes, sometimes there may be the occasional 5 or 7 issues, but to generalize things I’m going to keep saying 6. Now, not all 6 issue arcs fit themselves into that category. In some, the 6 issue storyline is broken up into smaller pieces, where certain problems may be resolved in an issue or two. I personally feel, however, that the 6 issue arc with B/M/E seems to be the most common these days.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 14 September 2011 13:11 )
Author Profile: Chris Heath

Writer and Artist of The Flea, The Last Cowboy , Sleepers, Talon and Cape Fall just to name a few ;)

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