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  • Sons of War
    By Vicki Locey

    Sons of War is the telling of the twin sons of Ares, the Greek god of bloodlust. One son raised on earth, the other raised on Olympus. Once the two boys are reunited they set off on the ultimate roadtrip, meeting up with new friends, old enemies, monsters, mythos and women, and not necessarily in that order!

    Original Fiction: Sons of War


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    Sons of War
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    Mafia Series
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    By Ross Rivers

    A Sci-Fi Fantasy following two mercenaries trying to make a living in a world barely surviving.

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    Wasteland Souls
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    By Alanna Murphy

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    Tales of Terror
  • Kit & Kat
    By Vicki Locey

    Kit & Kat is a tale of redemption, of being lost and finding one`s way back home. It is a tale of loss, hope, despair, glory, darkness and light. It is a tale of one woman adrift and how she discovers salvation when she least expects it. It is a tale of love above all else. Love of self and love of others.

    Illustrated Prose: Kit & Kat


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    Kit and Kat
  • The Apathetic Dead
    By Adam Chrimes. Photos by Charissa and Illustrations by Steven Glavey

    Elegantly written, this illustrated prose is a gripping zombie story set in England. This if but the first part of a series.

    Illustrated Prose: The Apathetic Dead


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    The Apathetic Dead
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Sons of War Poster by Angy W.

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I am so excited about this poster! It really captures the three guys perfectly. Since this is their poster, I thought it would only be fitting to let them see it and try to capture their reactions. Since they're now trudging across the heartland of the US, this was done via the phone I had given them over the holiday season. What we have here then is a transcript of sorts. I hope I captured the dialog in it entirety but since things were flying pretty fast, there may be a gap or two. So, let's see that the Sons and their travelling companions think of their poster shall we?


Vicki- "Okay, just hold on. How do I convert it into a PDF?"

Alex-"Dude, really?"

Vicki-"Yes, really Alexander, oh, wait. Okay, I'll just attach it to an email. I can do that."

Deimos-"Her skills of computing are weak."

Chadwick-"Oi, there's a pot calling the kettle moment if I ever heard one!"

*Unintelligible mutters*

Sara-"Will you tell me what it looks like?"

*Dog begins barking in background. Car door open and closes*

Alex-"D had to take Atalanta out to piddle."

Vicki-"Good, because I can't seem to find the picture. Did it go to my unzipped files? God diggity!"

*Several weary sighs*

Alex-"Vicki, dude, it wasn't in a zipped file was it?"

Vicki-"No. KC sent it to me on Facebook. Oh, so it wouldn't be in the unzipped files with my book covers then, would it?"


Vicki-"Wise-ass. Ah! Here it is! Okay, so now, bring up the e-mail. Good. Find your address. Okay, so far so good."

Chadwick-"I think this might be as painful as that time we tried to get D to understand the humor of Monty Python."

Alex-"Oh, dude, that was priceless and yet extremely agonizing! 'But why would they wish to engage in silly walks?' 'Why do they have a penguin on top of their television set?' ''Tis more than a scratch! The fools arms and legs have been cleaved off!'"

Sara-"Is the picture here yet?"

Vicki-"It should be coming any minute. Cripes, that was harder than I thought it would be."

Alex-"Only for you it would be."

(At this moment I had to stop and let the rancor in Alexander's voice drift away. Damn but it was never going to be good between us I feared.)

Chadwick-"Hey, turn the screen this way so I can see it!"

Alex-"Dude, stop jacking the phone man!"

*Car door squeals open. The sound of a huge male dropping into a rickety seat follows. Spattered dialog about snow and wind coming in and a few yips from a Pomeranian*

Deimos-"'Tis quite unpleasant out there but 'tis fortuitous that I took her out. She had to-"

Alex-"My brother, we don't need a play-by-play of the package she dropped, KK? Hey, check it out man! We look frigging awesome!"

(Click image to view larger version)
Art by Angy W. Sons of War Copyright © Vicki Locey

Chadwick-"Look at me! I look bloody hellacious! Check me out, all armored and what-not! Yep, the birds'll love me in that get-up!"

Sara-"Tell me what you're seeing, please?????"

Deimos-"Ah, yes, I am the drummer. That is most fitting for 'tis the beat of the music that leads the rest of the band."

Alex-"Seriously, dude, it's so not the drummer it's the lead guitarist and that's me! Check out that chain as a guitar strap! That is freaking radical!"

Sara-"Who has a chain? Damn it, someone explain the picture to me!"

*silence on the other end fills the phone for a moment*

Alex-"KK, I'm going to sit with Sara and fill her in on the deets. Pass along our thanks to Kacangpool and Angy for this sweet artwork, will you?"

Vicki-"Sure will! Glad you love it as much as I did. Take it easy guys. Oh, and Deimos? You had better think about calling your father and letting him know about you and Thrud as soon as possible."

Deimos-"Aye, I have planned to do so but did not wish to suffer another beating atop the one given to me by my future father-in-law. I shall call home soon though, worry not."

Vicki-"Okay then, catch you guys around Easter. Be good all of you!"

*Assorted farewells and a lively bark then the connection fades*


Thank you Angy W. for the awesome sketch and Kacangpool for the mind-blowing colors and lettering job! As you can tell, the Sons and I are in love with the poster! *Hugs*

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 February 2012 22:01 )  
Author Profile: Vicki Locey

Vicki Locey is a prolific writer and Author of the novel Of Gods and Goats


0 #4 kacangpool 2012-02-14 11:06
gladiator and amran, if you have friends who'd like to draw comics and stuff, send them our way. thanks.
0 #3 Vicki Locey 2012-02-09 18:04
No, the web comic is still on the back-burner, Amran. That would be a kicking comic if we could find an artist with Angy`s ability!

Yeah, it`s like a min-interview, Gladiator. I have a fondness ( or perhaps bit of ego) and enjoy getting into the story at times. One of my favorite fan fiction runs was an interview/talk show I did with Deadpool a few years ago. I was sort of the Ed McMahon to Wade`s Johnny. We did some crazy things - Dancing & singing 'Time Warp' when Cable was on the show - having a 'Who`s the Wittiest' contest between Parker and Wilson - Getting kicked off the helicarrier due to a slight misunderstandin g when Tony Stark was Director of SHIELD.

Good times........good times. :P
0 #2 Gladiator 2012-02-09 09:42
Haha so this is like one of those interview issues. I like it when you insert yourself in the story. It's an amusing and funny script. As for the art, it's a a very attractive piece, the artist is hugely talented, kudos to her. It reminds me of the Conan the Barbarian poster starring Arnold in the 80's.
0 #1 Amran 2012-02-09 09:19
Wow :eek: Is this how the comic will look like? I've seen this artist's artwork in the gallery area, her style is different here. Versatility is a mark of a great artist.

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