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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I upload my webcomics onto EssentialWebcomics?


Click Here: How to Upload Your Webcomics or select How to Upload Your Webcomics from the Top Menu for instructions. Should you encounter any problem, please don't hesitate to contact us.


In the Webcomics Gallery section, why do I have to create subcategories?


When you register, a category is automatically created under your username. That becomes your new effective 'root' category. Subsequently, when you manually create a category under your 'root', you are actually defining your Webcomic Titles. Categories within this parent category, or subcategories, represent your webcomic issues where you upload your webcomic pages. You can create many categories representing different webcomic titles, each containing your many issues (in subcategories) of that title.

Category and Subcategory chart


Can I use the Webcomics Gallery to upload and showcase my artwork?


Yes, you are more than welcome to do so.


Do I have to create subcategories if I want to upload only artwork and not webcomics?


It is not necessary, generally categories alone would suffice for artwork. Unless, of course, you want to further pigeon-hole your artwork into different subcategories. You might not need to separate your artwork into subcategories, but the option is there should you need it.


How can I view the regular Webcomic Gallery in a more spectacular fashion?


The regular Webcomic Gallery is one of the most highly rated gallery components in terms of features, functionality and ease of use. It also provides Cooliris support. Cooliris is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing Media browser plug-in, mobile app, gallery builder. Here's how you use Cooliris on your browser:

  1. Go to

    Download Cooliris

  2. Click the Free Download button as shown in the above image.

    There is a built-in browser detection on that page and it downloads the exact browser extension you need.

    If for some reason you couldn't download, go to instead,

    Download Cooliris

    and download the correct browser extension.

  3. Install your browser extension. The steps differ slightly for every browser.

    Installation instructions are freely available online. Should you encounter any problem, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  4. Once you have successfully installed your browser extension, please proceed to the category or subcategory you want to view in the Webcomic Gallery.

    Start Cooliris

    Click Start Cooliris! as indicated in the above image.

  5. A new tab will open, and the content of the directory will be displayed in spectacular 3D.

    3D Cooliris

    3D Cooliris

  6. You can click the Preferences button to determine how you want your gallery to work / your webcomic to be displayed.

    Preferences Cooliris

    Setting the Number of Rows to 1 might help you view the webcomic sequence in a clearer manner.


How can I get my webcomics showcased in the Featured Webcomics section?


You apply to get your webcomics upgraded to that section. The Featured Webcomics section, as the name implies, is reserved for work of a certain level of quality. So we are limiting it to webcomics that are well put together and may be good enough to publish / sell, or close to it.

Everyone can apply to get their work looked at, and members of editorial team (comprising prolific writers, creative directors, artists who studied at Kubert's / trained under Jorge Lucas and Ariel Olivetti) decide which webcomic gets upgraded to this level by vote. As mentioned before, it will be based on quantifiable criteria like innovations in writing, artwork, colors (if any) and post production work.


I've got Featured Webcomics status, do I still need to update my webcomic in the regular section?


Yes. We will extract your latest pages (for Featured section) as you upload them in the Webcomics Gallery section. It is prudent that you let us know whenever you make an update, just in case. We will provide links back from Feature Webcomics to the corresponding comics in the Webcomics Gallery, as we want visitors to give their ratings and comments directly to members in the Webcomics Gallery section.


If I don't have Featured Webcomic status, can I still get the pageflip effect for my webcomics?


Yes. Following the recommendation of an editorial team member, Chris Heath (Ironhand), we have made available a lite version of the pageflip capability for comics in the Webcomics Gallery. Click the link below to view an example:

Sample of Webcomics Gallery pages with the pageflip effect

If you want to see your webcomics displayed in the best possible way, please make a concession of 65 pixels at the bottom of each page to provide space for the flip controls. Or if you prefer your pages as they are, we can omit the flip controls altogether.

Webcomic Gallery Pageflip

This component extracts images direct from the directory where you load your Webcomics Gallery pages. Contact us to apply for the Pageflip effect.


I would like to share information about my comic. Can I ask for my interview to be featured here?


Yes. Please contact us, and we will arrange for you to be interviewed.


Can I get my webcomic highlighted on the slideshow on the homepage?


Yes. Please contact us, and we will arrange it. Please prepare a banner to represent your webcomic, with the dimensions 637 pixels (across) by 300 pixels (high), and send it to us. Provide us with a short description about your webcomic and the url (address) to your webcomic pages as we would also need it to link it to your banner in the slideshow. How quick your preview appears on the slideshow will depend on the waiting list. There's also the matter of duration; how long the banner will appear on the slideshow.


I want to contribute comic / webcomic related articles here. How do I go about it?


Please contact us and discuss the possibility with our editorial team.


How do I submit articles here?


You have to be an approved Author here to do that. You can apply to be an approved Author, just contact us. If you are an approved Author, please click Here: How to Submit an Article or select How to Submit an Article from the Top Menu for instructions. Should you encounter any problem, please don't hesitate to contact us.


I am an Approved Author here, how can I change my Author Details?


  1. Login.
  2. Click My Profile from the top menu.
  3. Click Update your profile from the edit menu (this is just above your profile page title in red).
  4. Click the Contact Info tab.
  5. Then type in or edit your Author Details field.
  6. Click the Update button.


Can I submit Fan-Fiction here?


We try not to encourage fan-fiction here, as we are looking to showcase original works for aspiring writers who want to see their original work published. However, you can post your fanfics at the Tavern: click Here: Writers' Guild and Fan-Fics.


How do I submit My Original Fiction here?


Write to us for Author status to do exactly that. Upon receiving it, please click Here: How to Submit Your Fiction or select How to Submit Your Fiction from the Top Menu for instructions. Should you encounter any problem, please don't hesitate to contact us.


I've written and saved my article but I don't see it appear anyway on the site?


As a spam precaution, articles submitted by Authors have to be verified by Publishers before they could be officially released or 'published'. Vicky Locey (Feral Female) and RJD (Comixkid2099) are the designated Publishers here.


What are the recommended dimensions for Illustrated Prose pages here?


900 pixels (across) x not more than 1300 pixels (high).


Which forum do I use to collaborate with other members here?


You can use either the Webcomic Collaboration or Mickey's Tavern forums. The Webcomic Collaboration forum is limited in features and quite new when compared to Mickey's Tavern, but either forums would do.


end faq


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The Editorial Team

RJD (comixkid2099)
Vicky Locey (Feral Female)

Media & Innovations
Joshua McConnaughey (MrGasparilla)

Writer / Researcher
Ross Rivers (Riv2.0)

Resident Artist & Art Directions
Angy W. (Lady_Sif)

Webcomic Administrators
Chris Heath (Ironhand)
Micah (UltimateSpidey15 / deepart15)

Writing Consultant
Adam Chrimes (Aggamotto)

Creative Consultants
Francisco Hnilo (Franshux)
Brad Hauter (Vartha)

Ben Wilkerson (Mickeys4Life)

Words and Sequential

Adam Chrimes is the writer of The Apathetic Dead and co-creator of Bloodworks. His other webcomics include Woodwose and the upcoming Capefall.

Thoughts From a Yodeling Goat Herder

Vicky Locey is the writer of Kricket & Kat and co-creator of Criss/Cross and Zita. Vicki also writes the Original Fiction: Sons of War.

Pop Culture This!

Pop Culture This! Author of Hollyweird Living and DCnU Reviews. Joshua McConnaughey also contributes analytical articles in regards the comic industry here.

Master's Degree Crap

Master's Degree Crap Blog run by OTM Kingpins, MasterFlossin and Ross Rivers. Ross is co-founder of 2Truecomics and he also contributes articles on EWC.