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    Sons of War
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    Mafia Series
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    Tales of Terror
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    Kit and Kat
  • The Apathetic Dead
    By Adam Chrimes. Photos by Charissa and Illustrations by Steven Glavey

    Elegantly written, this illustrated prose is a gripping zombie story set in England. This if but the first part of a series.

    Illustrated Prose: The Apathetic Dead


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    The Apathetic Dead
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White Lady of Sorrow

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Story and characters belong to Alanna Murphy

Kevin McDermott stood by the doorway and scowled at Bridget who happened to be his younger sister. His eyes were on her as she sat by the fireplace. *I was meant to inherit our parents' money and home, but me sibling got everything because I purchased nothing but alcohol before some illness killed our mother and father. I will obtain what is rightfully mine if Bridget dies* he thought. The 36-year-old man glowered until he remembered something. That was when a cruel smile appeared on his face.

*According to legend, a spirit known as the banshee lives in Ireland and is a very old woman. Her other names are the Lady of Death, White Lady of Sorrow, etc. She wails if someone is about to die and can be heard in forests. She is connected to families since she is attached to them. Those who hear the banshee will perish!* Kevin McDermott mused. He stepped into the living room before he offered to stroll with Bridget within the forest by their home in Dublin, Ireland. Kevin saw Bridget's sudden smile while she consented and stood. He and his sibling walked out of the small house until they found themselves in the woods.

The black sky and multiple trees did not terrify Kevin. *I'll abandon Bridget before the banshee appears. Me sister will heed the White Lady of Sorrow's cries and eventually die until I inherit cash* he pondered. He faced Bridget for a few moments. ''There is a reason why ye are in a forest,'' he said to her. Kevin viewed her as she tilted her head out of curiosity. ''Ye will hear the banshee's cry and perish so that I'll get everything including the house, cash, etc.'' he informed her. He saw Bridget's terrified expression and ran. He eventually found himself in his home and living room. *I am going to be a wealthy man* he thought as he closed his eyes. Footsteps were why he opened them many minutes later. He gasped the minute he saw a smile on Bridget's face while she stood in front of him.

''Ye thought ye would end me life and inherit me money after I heard the White Lady of Sorrow's wail. There is a reason why the banshee's cry won't cause me death,'' Bridget said before she touched her face and pulled it off like a mask! She heard Kevin's shriek as she revealed wrinkled features, dark eyes, dagger-like teeth, etc. ''I was attached to the McDermotts for years. Ye will not obtain me cash, Kevin McDermott.'' The banshee grinned before she opened her mouth.


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Last Updated ( Friday, 16 December 2011 02:42 )  
Author Profile: Alanna Murphy

This author has published 49 articles so far. More info about the author is coming soon.


0 #2 Alanna Murphy 2011-12-19 14:00
Thanks. It was a little difficult, but fun to write.
0 #1 kacangpool 2011-12-17 09:48
:eek: well written, red.

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