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  • The Flea Pageflip   ( 22 Articles )

    When Rick White wakes up inside a suit of armour that shrink down to microscopic size with no memories of his previous life whatsoever, he’s given only one option to turn to. How will Rick react to this new world surrounding him and how will he accept the people around him?



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Words and Sequential

Adam Chrimes is the writer of The Apathetic Dead and co-creator of Bloodworks. His other webcomics include Woodwose and the upcoming Capefall.

Thoughts From a Yodeling Goat Herder

Vicky Locey is the writer of Kricket & Kat and co-creator of Criss/Cross and Zita. Vicki also writes the Original Fiction: Sons of War.

Pop Culture This!

Pop Culture This! Author of Hollyweird Living and DCnU Reviews. Joshua McConnaughey also contributes analytical articles in regards the comic industry here.

Master's Degree Crap

Master's Degree Crap Blog run by OTM Kingpins, MasterFlossin and Ross Rivers. Ross is co-founder of 2Truecomics and he also contributes articles on EWC.