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The Flea #19

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The Flea #19: "Order And Chaos" 31 pages
Story and Art: Chris Heath
Art: Ryan Yates (Page 1-8), Declan White (Page 28)
Rick, after his previous doubting, begins to accept his role as The Flea and starts to become a growing concern for the criminal community. PLUS, introducing new superhero Beam!!

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 29 March 2012 21:34 )  
Author Profile: Chris Heath

Writer and Artist of The Flea, The Last Cowboy , Sleepers, Talon and Cape Fall just to name a few ;)

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0 #2 Chris Heath 2012-03-30 06:23
Thanks, sean! Yeah, I've been doing very slight digital work, I don't want to overdo it though. Thanks for kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed this issue and the series...yeah issues 19-21 are what was originally that special but I changed so many things and added so many more pages. Your pages will be in the next issue.
0 #1 Sean M. Bybee 2012-03-29 22:54
I like how you did the reverse negative shade thing towards the end,Chris.It looks as though you might be dabling into the digital stuff now with the flash stuff on the 2nd to last page.Looks great!This book has come a long way and so has your dialogue techniques.It's awesome to still see you doing it.I always loved your characters.Was that collaboritive Anniversary issue I did some pages in still going to be made?

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