Review the DCnU: Catwoman #1

Catwoman is just one of those classic DC characters that you already knew before the list was released that she was going to be part of the new DCU.  The character has always been on the sexual side, but I think they have really taken it to a whole other level here with this rendition …

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Review the DCnU: Voodoo #1

When the announcement of the various title coming out of the new DCU were going to be, Voodoo was one of those titles I found myself questioning. Like Grifter she is one of the characters to be carried over from the Wildstorm universe.  I really wasn’t sure how she was going to work as a …

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Review the DCnU: Batman #1

The last year or so Scott Snyder had come to his own in the Batuniverse writing the stories of Dick Grayson as the Bat.  Its only fitting that now hat Grayson has gone back to being Nightwing that Snyder would take over one of the new Bat books. By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo This …

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