Interview with the Creators of “Moon and Sun”

Moon & Sun - Derrick Crow Hana Williams

Comixkid2099 (RJD) interviews Derrick (Crazy Kaze) and Hana, the co-creators of the 5-page webcomics “Moon and Sun” which is available here at the Essential Webcomics Showcase.

Moon and Sun

The tale of Moon and Sun is told in an almost old ancient chinese legend-esque way, telling the story of how the moon, earth and sun came to be as they are now.
– Derrick Crow

RJD: Alrightay, welcome Hana and Derrick. Shall we begin?

Hana: Shoot when ready!

Derrick: Go! But not in the head, I need that.

RJD: So, first, was Sun and Moon your first collaboration together? And did you go about it with a complete script or rough instructions that could be extrapolated and elaborated upon?

Hana: It wasn’t our first try, but it was the first thing that made it out the door haha!

Derrick: Hmm, actually yeah I’d say it was our first, considering the first try didn’t go over so well. I had the script all written out for a long time, just waiting for someone to come on long that had the time and will to do it. Lol. I’m a hard customer, Hana though, she makes it work though.

Hana: Extrapolation isn’t my strong suit XD. I’m just a hired pencil haha!

Derrick: That’s making no payroll whatsoever lol

Hana: words words words

Hana: Ah well, doesn’t matter so long as a little ink is spilt

RJD: So would you say, Hana, that you work better when you are given detailed instructions and told to draw things specifically?

Hana: Without a doubt. I’m just not gifted with storytelling ability

RJD: Hey, it’s no biggie. Some pros aren’t gifted with the story telling ability. Artists or Writers. lol.

Derrick: Which hopefully you’ll learn a lot from our next story we’re going to co-write. Ouch. That was a burn. lol to most I know whom you’re speaking of.

RJD: Lol, Derrick you most certainly know of them. In any case, do you feel like you work better when you are giving detailed instructions, or does it depend on the collaborator?

Hana: Lol Derrick, you’re very gifted! Hopefully I won’t hinder you with the coauthor thing heh ^^:

Derrick: [To RDJ] Is that towards me or her? [To Hana] You won’t.

Interview with the Creators of "Moon and Sun"

RJD: Derrick, the last question is toward you.

Derrick: Okay. well, it’s a tad bit of both. I like trying to script what exactly I see in my head, detail for detail. And that ends to work out better in my writing. But, i’ve learned a lot these past few months that if you’re going to work with an artist, unless you realllly want that image you’re imagining, you need to let them be free to create. So I’m trying to switch up my style to where it’s a blend of technical detailed writing and leaving it up the artist to strut their stuff. So, in short, I guess it really depends on the collaborator. Lol

RJD: Excellent, excellent. If I may, may I inquire about the previous attempt prior to Sun and Moon? And do either of you think you might try and use material from that attempt at a later day?

Hana: That attempt got a little out of hand with the artist’s uhm… strutting haha

RJD: Sometimes it’s good for the artist to strut. If anything, it can strengthen a fairly ordinary script (not saying that is what was happening with you guys) and make the collaboration fantastic as a result.

Hana: and whether we ever use it is entirely up to Derrick

Derrick: Hmmm, well the previous attempt was something called The Wonderful World of the Most Wicked Witch. Things just kinda didn’t work out, but that’s okay, ‘cause my imagining is that we just didn’t really know one another that well in terms of art and storytelling. Since we’re getting more used to it, I think if Hana wants to, we can always revisit it at a later date. That’d be cool with me.

Hana: Thing is…It was pitched as a strip comic and I sketched out two Pages before he stopped me ^^:::, I wouldn’t mind taking another crack at it someday.

Derrick: lol it’s okay, I honestly think I just wasn’t being clear in exactly what I meant

RJD: So how long have you guys been partners in crime? And how long did it take you to complete this particular endeavor?

Derrick: mmm… since, mid-January I think? It took about almost a month to finish our 4-page comic. All thanks to Hana, who was so book at coloring!

Hana: Partners in crime, I’m not sure. Sun and Moon took about a month on the art-front, but as the script was handed to me complete, I don’t know about that. Mid-January seems accurate

Derrick: We’ve been in the same class since August… why did we wait till mid-January exactly?

RJD: I’m about to play the part of the out of touch old man, but “Book” means “groovy,” right?

Hana: indeed!

Derrick: lol yes! it’s our little hipster language coming to fruition.

Hana: I think that makes us wannabe neo-hipsters or something lol!

RJD: Derrick, you know this about me, but Hana, I am not that old, but I am definitely an old man trapped in a young man’s body.

Derrick: It’s okay man, book just formed into our vocabulary as to mean “cool” today, just about an hour ago actually.

Hana: It’s book. My mom always tells me I was born an 80 year old woman xd

Derrick: [To Hana] I thought it was potato monster

RJD: So one could say I am ahead of the game, as far as learning the new words that you youngsters are using these days, lol. In any case, Hana, I know that Derrick is a fan of manga and anime…are you as well? Your artwork certainly seems to evoke that kind of style, if that’s even the right terminology.

Hana: [To Derrick] An 80 yearold potato monster, yes…

Hana: I’m a pretty big anime and manga fan, yes

Derrick: [To RJD] yes, indeed you are ^^ (considering “book” is being said by like 4 people around the world so far, me, hana, my friend, and her mom… lol)

Hana: Derrick is making me more so, though. He keeps my education going with tons of new material. I’m a big fan of animation in general, though.

RJD: Excellent, excellent. And Hana, would you say that you are more of a fan of the anime than American animation?

Hana: Well…considering what American animation has devolved into inthe past few year (a festering pile of CGI sh-)…Yeah. I like Anime rather better. I’m very very atatched to 2D animation ^^:

Moon and Sun interview

RJD: If it makes you feel any better, I have quite an affinity for the cartoons that were around when I was in High School, and i don’t really watch cartoons any more. Though it is nothing against what is about in the television these days, though i have no doubt it is rubbish.

Hana: You have no IDEA. o^o I try to only watch 90’s cartoons if I can help it.

Derrick: it really is. Avatar: The Last Airbender barely made it in as the last good animation before the great purge began. Or as it was beginning I guess

RJD: This can be directed more at Derrick, as our last question was more toward Hana. Derrick, did you, in your mind, consider this anime/manga, even before it was given birth by the artist? And yes, Avatar the Last Airbender is a gift from God.

Hana: And Avatar is…what? What, now?! Anime Inspired!! Gah! Americans…*moves to Canada*

Derrick: hold on hold, Hana, Avatar: The Last Airbender was incredibly inspired by anime. But it was done wonderfully. lol

Hana: I agree *nods* I loved Avatar

Derrick: as for the question, no, I didn’t. I had already considered it to be American. I think there is only a few stories I have from the very beginning wrote out to look like anime or manga styled.

Hana: Before they messed it up with live action and blue cat aliens >___>

Derrick: Sun and Moon was purely American in my mind. But Hana did it beautifully. [To Hana] Not the same Avatar Hana!! D:

Hana: [To Derrick] Last Airbender, yes…? Or am I just dead now…??

Derrick: We’re discussing the animate series from nickelodeon, Avatar the last Airbender. Not avatar, or last Airbender the lvie action movies. lol

Hana: Anywho…I’m going to try to be a little les anime and a bit more DC in the future…

Derrick: [To Hana] why so?

RJD: This could be directed at both of you, though given Hana’s self styled pencil for hire nature, it might just be for Derrick. Do you see Sun and Moon as the beginning, or just a one shot?

Derrick: just a one shot. it’s kinda one of those stories that you read, then it’s over. not meant to be a series or anything. I can’t say for sure if it’d ever be revisited, but right now there are no plans at all.

Hana: I kind of want to see it continue…but mostly because I really really like drawing Terra haha ^^::

RJD: But am I correct in presuming that the two of you will most definitely be working together on some kind of project in the future?

Derrick: yup, we already have two in the works. one we will be co-writing

Hana: As far as I know, yes

Derrick: oh, Hana, why do you want to be more DC in the future?

Hana: For a more super hero-ey feel, maybe?

RJD: Hana, is this perhaps a hint of what kind of story the two of you will be collaborating in the future on?

Hana: We have a super hero comic first in line, then I believe weill be co writing a sort of futuristic man v.s. technology mystery. I’m very excited for both! So…yeah that was a hint >___< I need to learn to read…sorry.

Derrick: She is correct. And yes, we can discuss the superhero story now if you want. The man vs. technology I can at least give you a name

Sketch by Hana Williams

RJD: Yes, they both sound quite riveting. Derrick, do you plan on letting her take a gander at your very own Superhero comics, or do you think you’ll let her just jump in and let her read whatever she wants?

Derrick: I’ve been letting her borrow superhero comics that I own, like Green Lantern, Blackest Night and All-Star Superman, if she wants more I have tons she can borrow to get prepped for out superhero journey.

RJD: Hana, do you have any knowledge of the Superhero stuff before Derrick started letting you borrow his comics?

Hana: Sure! I have a few Spiderman comics of my own, though they’re super old… I’ve never read many superhero comics until now, though. So I guess I owe my super education to Derrick

Derrick: whoah, you do? I wanna borrow them, if they’re ones I havent read lol

Hana: Sure! They’re in my closet somewhere, I think…maybe lol. I’ll try to find them lol

RJD: So do either of you have any influences in the way of movies, books or something along those lines?

Hana: Right now my big inspirations are Jhonen Vasquez, Dead Pool, and the Decemberist’s music ^__^

Derrick: mmm, mostly I’ve just read, watched, and played (video games) so many different genres, that I guess my influences are so all over the place. they’ve caused me to not wanna stick with one genre all the time, but switch it up constantly with different types of stories. I think that realization came from FABLES by Bill Willingham.

Hana: I’m going through a morbid phase haha!

RJD: It’s definitely an eclectic set of tastes, from the both of you. Do you guys think that helps keep things interesting when you’re creating stories or art?

Hana: Takes all sorts, right?

Derrick: oh definitely. At least on my part. if I’m not caught up on just one genre, then how can I ever be bored doing any genre?

Hana: Ditto!

Hana: pfft can I draw you a picture of my opinions?? ^^::

RJD: I agree. I have always had a special love for stories that meld and mix genres. I think that’s the only reason I’ve stuck with Superhero stories so long. Because of the mixing of hard science, loose science, mystic stuff, hard boiled, “realism,” etc

Derrick: I think we’d like that miss Hana

RJD: Moving on, Derrick, you said we could talk about the upcoming Superhero story the two of you will be co-writing. Can we get a synopsis on this? how many pages, ongoing, one shot, etc?

Derrick: it’s called TIME AND THE ACROBAT. It’s about a superhero who calls himself the Acrobat. It is a one-shot. I have in my mind about 22 or SO pages, but nothing is concrete in the page count. The story is, we meet our hero as he is on his very final mission. He’s going to die, and we don’t know why. Thats the hook that will keep readers wanting to read it. Cause you’ll find out by the end why he’s dying. He only has a few hours or so left to complete his mission, which is to stop the bad guys. It will be a one-shot, but it’ll be written in such a way that if future stories of the Acrobat can be told, they will be able to be told.

RJD: Ah, ok, that sounds quite interesting. And Hana, do you think it will be easier to draw humanoid characters, vs the dragons from Sun and Moon?

Hana: It’ll definitely be harder. Dragons are mythical, so you can pretty much make up their anatomy as you go along, but humans need to look like Humans, for the most part. Also, the Acrobat will have more scenery and backgrounds, so there will be technical drawing, too. It’s definitely going to be a challenge, but I’ve done some design work already and i love drawing the Acrobat, so despite all the work that’ll have to go in, I know I’m going to enjoy it a lot.

Derrick: if you need help with anything Hana, let me know.

Hana: Aye aye, capt’n

Sketch by Hana Williams

RJD: I know that buildings and signs and all the scenery would be my weakness if i was an artist. But it is great that you will enjoy drawing new things. As many fans know from reading comic books from Marvel and DC, while it is often a human being in an urban setting, there can be fantastical stuff as well. Do you think your expertise from Sun and Moon will come into effect in The Acrobat story?

Derrick: it’d be cool if we could get someone like Nathan to do the background work, since it seems he’s better with technical drawing, but that’s okay.

Hana: I don’t know, actually. I’d like to try some fantasy settings, but I don’t know if this is the story for it.

Derrick: this isn’t, no. it’ll be city drawings… so definitely technical.

RJD: Bringing things to a close, what would you say the greatest possible thing about the medium of comic books is? For instance, what can be done in comics that cannot be done in cartoons, movies or books?

Derrick: “there are just things in comics you can’t do in animation or live action or books right now, with it being a visual and literaturial medium combined, it’s much easier to visually display what exactly you want through your words and art. That animation and live action are slowly trailing behind in terms of being able to create it. As for books, it’s a lot easier to mimic a comic if your words are wholly enough to describe just what’s going on.” You see, video games, movies, and animation take a lot longer amount of time to do what you can do in a month using comics. And when they finally roll it out, 9 times out of 10 they just didn’t have the technology to make it work. In books, you just have to really sharpen your tongue and pen alone. With comics, you can do it all in a month, and get across what you want to say and want to see. If you do it right of course, or it could be a disaster.

Hana: I love comics for their ability to tell a moving, breathing story through still drawings. Accomplishing that is nothing short of magic, in my mind

Derrick: Hana said it best lol

Hana: I’m really proud to be a part of that kind of magic. [To Derrick] lol yay! I did words!

Derrick: As am I.

RJD: Well those are both some incredible answers. In any case, that more or less brings the interview to a close. Thank you Hana and Derrick for your time, and we look forward to reading Sun and Moon and further collaborations from the two of you!

Derrick: woot! thank you muchly! this interview was book! ^_^

Hana: Thank you for wanting my opinions ^___^ I agree! Totally book!!