Macabre Mansion

Note – Tale and characters belong to Alanna Murphy

”We could have money, but no. Mom dies and all we get is her mansion!” Julia griped. She scowled while Julie, her older sister, rolled her eyes. She walked to the manor door and opened it until she and Julie entered the large building. ”I know Dad was not too fond of Mom’s mansion and thought it was boring, but we should get her cash and not him!” she muttered. She walked by the living room furniture and approached a painting since she was curious about it.

Julie and Julia stared at the portrait of a woman they never saw before. They viewed her dark hair, neutral expression, and white dress. They could not help but wonder who she was. The siblings noticed a battle axe hanging over the fireplace and thought their mother had unusual tastes. Exhausted, they went to their rooms and eventually rested in their beds. Minutes later, Julie was thirsty and opened her eyes before she gasped.

A figure dressed in a black cloak stood near Julie’s bed. A hood concealed the face and gloved hands gripped the battle axe. Julie recalled viewing the weapon in the living room. She watched as the stranger raised the axe before she rolled out of bed and ran. She glanced over her shoulder while the figure followed her. She found herself in the living room and paused the second she observed Julia standing by the furniture.

Julie turned to face the hooded figure and stepped back as the person advanced. She heard her sister while she wished to know if she was thirsty and saw the intruder as well. She continued to stare at the trespasser and raised her hands to prevent the battle axe from striking her body. Using one hand to grip the weapon, she used the other hand to pull the hood back in order to reveal the face. Julie and Julia gasped at the same time when they recognized the woman’s black hair and neutral expression. ”You’re the woman in the painting!” Julie exclaimed until she pointed at the portrait.

”That is correct. I am your Aunt Juliana,” the woman said. She observed Julie and Julia’s eyes widening in shock. ”I don’t suppose my sister mentioned me. We never got along which was why her other relatives inherited everything she owned after her death. I lived in a small building which happened to be next to your home until I followed you to my deceased sister’s mansion. I’ll get rid of you and remain in my rightful home!” she stated before she attempted to bring the axe down. Juliana viewed the sisters running and chased them up the stairs. She grinned when she cornered them in Julia’s room and ran to them before they moved out of her way. She shrieked as soon as she fell out of the open window. Her shrieks were silenced the second her body hit the ground.

Julia and Julie winced at the sight of their aunt’s corpse. Julia wished to contact the cops and went downstairs. Julie remembered when the other woman griped about inheriting the mansion instead of cash. *I should put my sister out of her misery! I am more than happy to live in the manor alone* she thought. She looked out the window and smiled at the axe by Juliana’s still form.