Molly’s Slumber Party

Note – All characters and story idea are mine

 Molly looked out the window and grinned when she saw Mallory and Valerie by the front door. *My friends are here for the slumber party* she thought. She heard them as they knocked on the door and went to open it. She watched while the sisters entered her home. Molly closed the door before she joined Mallory and Valerie in the living room. She observed them putting their sleeping bags on the floor.

”We’re on our own tonight since my parents are out celebrating some anniversary and won’t return until tomorrow morning, Valerie and Mallory. We are going to eat pizza, view horror movies, etc. I ordered our supper before you arrived. Our food should be here soon. Don’t worry, Mallory. Your pizza half is all cheese since I know you don’t like the taste of meat. In case you’re wondering, the windows are open because my air conditioner doesn’t work now,” Molly said.

The 14-year-old girls tried to decide what to do first until they heard a knock on the door. They looked forward to their food and smiled. Molly walked to the front door, opened it, and observed a young man carrying two pizza boxes. She parted with cash, took the containers, and closed the door before she approached her companions. Molly placed the boxes on the floor. Her eyes were on her guests while they lifted the lids.

Mallory, Molly, and Valerie took some pizza slices before they ate them. Their eyes became wide when they heard footsteps coming from upstairs and ceased eating. Knowing her parents were gone, Molly imagined intruders in her home. She gasped the minute Valerie and Mallory went upstairs to investigate. Her eyes were still large since she pictured burglars taking her parents’ valuables and killing her friends. She took a cell phone out of her jeans pocket and tried to contact help, but the phone was dead.

Worried about Valerie and Mallory, Molly decided to help them in case of danger. She saw a poker on the floor and lifted it. Holding the weapon firmly, she walked up the stairs very slowly. She found herself in the hall and approached a room until she entered it. Her eyes widened in horror the minute she saw Mallory and Valerie’s bloody corpses near her parents’ bed! Trembling, she viewed empty drawers where her father and mother’s valuables were.

Molly began to panic, dropped the poker, and ran into her chamber. She entered the closet and closed the door in case the robbers were still present. She remembered observing Mallory and Valerie’s dead bodies and sobbed before she fell asleep. Her eyes opened when she was embraced. She muttered about her father returning early. ”I’m not your father!” one of the burglars said until Molly shrieked.