Night of the Girl

*It’s a great night to be alive!* Michael thought while he walked out of his favorite restaurant. He smiled as he remembered the taste of the delicious hamburger. He enjoyed the warm evening air and roamed the quiet streets of New York. A neutral expression appeared on his face when he observed a small girl crossing the street. His eyes widened the minute he viewed a car speeding. His jaw dropped as soon as the vehicle’s high beams blinded the girl and caused her to shriek.

Michael opened his eyes and sat up while the nightmare disappeared. He saw his small room, but was unable to forget the sight of the car about to take a short life. He was glad he woke up since it meant he could not observe the girl’s sudden death. *Perhaps a stroll near my home will clear my mind* he thought before he dressed and walked out of his chamber. Michael ran until he was outside and eventually slowed down. The shocked expression from his dream returned when he viewed the same child crossing the street.

*That’s the girl from my nightmare! Perhaps my dream was actually a vision of the future. Maybe I can save this child before it’s too late* Michael thought as he ran to her. He gasped when the same car from the dream appeared. Sudden fear paralyzed him as the girl stepped on the sidewalk and the car’s high beams blinded him. *I was wrong about my vision. The kid was not going to die!* he thought during his final moments alive.