Pyromaniac’s Punishment

*I enjoy starting fires, but I can’t tolerate the infernal sun’s heat!* Ian thought as he wandered in search of something to burn in Idaho. The desert sun caused him to pant like a dog during a summer day. He looked down at the matches and gasoline tank in his hands until he smiled. Fire fascinated him ever since he played with matches as a boy. His mother was quick to prevent him from burning everything in their home, but the tiny moving flame interested him. He came across a small Native American village and grinned at the thought of many tipis on fire.

Ian approached a tipi until he poured gas on it, struck a match, and tossed it on one of the homes. He ran before fire appeared and consumed it. He stood many feet away from the inferno and smiled. The pyromaniac was curious when a young Native American man ran out of one burning tipi and stared at it. His eyes were on him as he gasped and turned his head. He viewed the fellow’s sudden scowl.

”You will die before the moon appears!” Ian heard the Native American snarl until flames surrounded him. He stared at the fire one last time while the man’s words terrified him and caused him to flee. He ceased running as soon as the sun’s heat caused him to collapse and close his eyes for a moment.  The cruel man opened them and gasped when a snarling white wolf stood near his face! A terrified expression appeared very quickly. The animal was the last thing he saw.

Moments passed until the young Native American man’s spirit materialized by the fellow’s corpse. He watched as the wolf approached him and vanished before the apparition of a smiling Indian woman appeared. He embraced her and recalled gasping when he watched her die thanks to a burning tipi. She happened to be the main reason why he cursed Ian. The man and his wife smiled at Ian’s lifeless form since they could rest in peace. They vanished and were more than happy to remain with one another for eternity.