Review the DCnU: Batman #1

The last year or so Scott Snyder had come to his own in the Batuniverse writing the stories of Dick Grayson as the Bat.  Its only fitting that now hat Grayson has gone back to being Nightwing that Snyder would take over one of the new Bat books.

By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

This was a fantastic first chapter for Snyder and his new book.  This is easily one of the best books to come out of the new DCU.  Synder just has a way with him writing about Batman regardless of who it is under the cowl.

This book written by Snyder gives us a new look at Gotham City only this time through the eyes of Bruce Wayne himself. Synder showed a knack for being able to differentiate Grayson’s Batman from Bruce’s. He has done it again showing that he understand that they are two totally different characters.

Bruce here knows that he has to stay focus and shows his experience that allows him not to be distracted by the numerous going ons around him in the opening pages of this book.  Here we are shown new Bat-technology that is an contact lens that allows Bruce to be tapped into the main computer in the Batcave at all times. 

This book really delves into Bruce’s world.  Showing his relationship with Gordon, his adopted children Dick, Tim, and his own son Damian.  It also shows his world as Batman and as the man Bruce Wayne head of an international company.

Most of the book is used to establish Wayne’s world.  But the last third of the book really digs into what will be the overall plot of the first arc of the book.  The team even does a great job of leaving us with a hell of cliffhanger.

Greg Capullo brings a more simpler style to his artwork that works well here. While there are times here that Capullo seems like he doesn’t know how to properly draw people’s anatomy his attention to the little detail and character designs is top notch.  The books artwork helps to keep the pace of the book going full steam ahead. The gritty style of the book really has a Gotham feel to it.

This book proves that Snyder was not a fluke with his previous work in the Batverse.   I think Snyder is going to be looked at in the future as one of the best Batman writers period.  I really felt this was a strong book and looking forward to following it here on out.

GRADE OF NEW TITLE: Top notch story telling, top notch artwork, gives the book a top notch grade. A well deserved A in my book.  This title has been one of the most impressive books coming out of the new DCU. 

WILL IT SUCCEED: Without a doubt this is going to be one of DC’s top selling books.  Batman is always a hit machine for the company and this is a strong creative team that is only going to help cement the books status as a hit.

SHOULD IT SUCCEED: Again everything about this book was top notch.  I think this is one of the most well put together books in the new DCU so far.  Look for this book to be something that people are talking about in the future.

-joshua mcconnaugheys-