Review the DCnU: Birds of Prey #1

With all the potential new readers that could be coming aboard with the relaunch of every DC title is important that each book is able to establish who its core characters are and what the premise of the book is going to be about. While some of them have excelled at doing just that, Birds of Prey is not one of them.

By Duane Swiercynski and Jesus Saiz

Birds of Prey and All Characters Copyright © DC Comics.

I think one of the key things hurting this book is that its been put in the hands of a new writer after Simone’s run and the fact that the book has lost several of its key members and fan favorites such as Huntress and Oracle.

Birds of Prey and All Characters Copyright © DC Comics.

The books lays the groundwork for what is to coming even attempting to tie up some of the previous series plotlines such as how Dinah is on the run for a murder.   Essentially Black Canary is trying to assemble a new team but we really only get to see her and one other character in this first issue.

All and all this was really a slow debut for the book.  I enjoyed the time jumps as I thought they were well done and sort of something you don’t see too often.  But the book just seemed to be lacking something as you really don’t meet many of the new members of the team and even a passing of the torch scene between Dinah and Barbara really came across as boring.

Saiz returns to the series and continues the artwork for the book much like he did prior to the relaunch.  Saiz has some pretty great art here.  Easily depicting the action scenes as well as the slower moments between the characters.  While I am not really like Black Canary’s new costume, Saiz does a pretty stellar job here.

I really think that the introduction of the new characters and the rounding out of the full cast should really help the book.  I think the biggest hinder to the first issue was that only two members of the Birds of Prey were shown and they really didn’t interact much with each other.

Birds of Prey and All Characters Copyright © DC Comics.

GRADE OF NEW TITLE: I can not give this book a overly high grade as I felt that they really didn’t do much to establish the team nor their place in the new DCU.  The book gets a B- for me, but I do see the potential for greater things on the horizon.

WILL IT SUCCEED:Birds of Prey has proven to be a success in the past for DC and I think it will be again here.  The first issue came out of the docks rather slow but there were signs throughout that its going to improve.

SHOULD IT SUCCEED: The first issue really wasn’t anything memorable in itself, but I really think this book has the potential to be good.  I am going to give the book a few more issues before I pass my final verdict on it.

-joshua mcconnaugheys-