Review the DCnU: Blackhawks #1

Blackhawks is one of the titles that I literally knew nothing about prior to relaunch.  The only thing I could be sure of was that it seemed to be some kind of G.I. Joe like group that would be taking place in the DC Universe. Something that sounds like it could be cool but also something that could easily go horribly wrong.  Unfortunately the latter is what happens here.

By Mike Costa, Graham Nolan, and Ken Lashley

Everything about this book screams G.I. Joe.  The characters all have code-names that seem to have more to do with their appearances then they actually do who they are. The book opens up with a big battle scene that looks like it could have come directly out of one of the old G.I. Joe cartoons.  The heroes save the day and go off in the sunset.

The quick action really grabs your attention at first.  Unfortunately after that when the team gets back to base is where the book really loses the reader. The basic premise is that their are nanite infections that are going to be playing a part in the first arc.  The book and characters are forgettable. I can almost unsure most readers that are unfamiliar with the characters will struggle to remember a single characters name immediately after putting the book down and that’s not a good thing.

Blackhawks and All Characters Copyright © DC Comics.

The artwork is OK, Nolan can draw an action scene, but somehow the book feels like it just stepped out of the late 90’s more then having a modern feel to it.

The book really doesn’t have anything that openly defines what this book is going to be or where its all headed.  The book really isn’t worth your time.  If you buy its something that you are not going to remember shortly after reading it and is easily the most forgettable book out of the new 52.

GRADE OF NEW TITLE: This book is average and forgettable.  Nothing is really worth reading in this book.  It comes across solely as a poor man’s G.I. Joe.  The book gets a C-, it could be worst but its nothing to write home about either.

WILL IT SUCCEED: I can guaranteed that this time next year Blackhawks is going to be a distant memory and most likely one of the first books to get cancelled out of the new 52.  The idea is unique but its not presented well here.

SHOULD IT SUCCEED: Again the team here does nothing to set this book apart from any of the other titles.  Something that seems hard to do being how different the focus of the book is and the creative team still fails to establish and kind of uniqueness.

-joshua mcconnaugheys-