Review the DCnU: Catwoman #1

Catwoman is just one of those classic DC characters that you already knew before the list was released that she was going to be part of the new DCU.  The character has always been on the sexual side, but I think they have really taken it to a whole other level here with this rendition of the character.

By Judd Winick and Guillem March

Catwoman and All Characters Copyright © DC Comics.

The controversy around this book wasn’t as big as the Starfire fiasco that’s seen in Red Hood and the Outlaws, but it did seem to be something that they may have unnecessarily build up in the book. A good portion of this book seemed like it was just a nod to give obsessive fanboys something to ogle over. Seeing Selina Kyle half naked through out a good portion of the book actually seemed pretty forced in my opinion, especially since it appears that’s really all this book had to offer.

In the Red Hood’s defense it actually seemed that there was some storytelling there with some potential for future storylines, here it just seems like the second issue is going to be what happens next after Selina’s latest one night stand with Batman.

Winick does OK make the character of Selina Kyle seem real enough with her inner turmoil, but the over abundant of cheap bra shots seemed unnecessarily really.   I can’t stress either how much I really do not like the artwork by March in this book.  The characters are more often then not emotionless looking with blank stares and Catwoman must have spent part of her life as a contortionist with some of the odd poses he draws her in.

The once strong proud assertive female that was Selina Kyle has been replaced by a sexpot that doesn’t mind the occasional groping and needs it hot and heavy.  A far cry from the great character that she once was.

The way she is portrayed throughout here makes it hard to really take the character seriously at all.  The creative team does a poor job of asserting her as an interesting character and instead just go with the one dimensional sexpot cat burglar. If gratuitous bra and pantie shots are your thing, then by all means this is the book for you, otherwise I’d recommend skipping it for something better.

GRADE OF NEW TITLE: The way that the creative team has decided to take this book is really a shame in my opinion.  Catwoman has more often then not been one of my favorite characters and this book has made her more or less a shadow of her former self. The artwork really brings down the book further and as such I have to give this book a C-.

WILL IT SUCCEED: Before I had read the book this was one of my sure fire bets for a book that would make it.  After reading it, I’m not so sure.  Sure Catwoman has her fans but I’m not sure how long they will stick around seeing how their favorite is being treated here.  Those that might pick it up for the bra and panties shots are sure to be far and between and the future of this book does not look good.

SHOULD IT SUCCEED:  This is one of those books that I could easily answer in one word, no!  But I’ll give a  little explanation of why here.  I think that they have really gone out of there way here to change the character and not in a good way.  Catwoman really is a character that is hard to take serious based off of the way that they are portraying her here.