Review the DCnU: Legion of Super-Heroes #1

The Legion of Super-Heroes has seen many reboots and reincarnations of the years so its not surprising to seem them as a part of the entire DC reboot. The one surprise though is that they are the only ones thus far that have openly talked about the Flashpoint event.  This book also established the fate of one of the Justice Society members that I have been wondering about since the announcement that they would not be a part of the new DCU with the exception of a few members here and there. We find that Starman is once again a part of the LOSH and is going again by his name Star Boy here.

By Paul Levitz and Francis Portela

One thing that I can be thankful that the LOSH book here provides that the Legion Lost book failed is the little boxes that tell you who all the characters are.  Something that is essentially needed in the book with the over abundance of characters presented throughout.

Legion of Super-Heroes and All Characters Copyright © DC Comics.

Levitz spends a good portion of the book trying to tie-in the conclusions of the previous Legion of Super-Heroes and Adventure Comics as well as tie in to the Legion Lost book all while establishing this as an entirely different universe.  No easy task for any writer. The other thing that I have already mentioned is that the current roster of Legion characters is massive.  Just when you thought you’ve seen every character they throw another two or three at you.

The book at times I think suffers because of how much Levitz is trying to fit into this first issue.   The lost of some of the characters as well as the promotion of others is done rather oddly in passing. 

Portela though for his part provides some great artwork throughout here.   Portela really brings to life the 31st century and being able to jump through the several different stories that are running simultaneously here. Portela shines in making the facial expressions, the elaborate costumes of the various Legion members, as well as the background images that go from ships to alien planets.  Portela is one of the strong points here.

While this issue serves as a pretty good jumping on point, at times it can be a but jumbled as there is so much different stuff going on in within these pages and many of the little subplots don’t seem to really go anywhere.

Legion of Super-Heroes and All Characters Copyright © DC Comics.

GRADE OF NEW TITLE: I really feel that this first issue suffered because of how much different stuff Levitz is trying to fit in here. The artwork is great and one of the saving graces of the book, but I can’t give the book a grade higher then a C+ simply because of how poorly put together the plot was I felt.

Legion of Super-Heroes and All Characters Copyright © DC Comics.

WILL IT SUCCEED: LOSH books normally do pretty good, and I think this book will begin to come into its own now that Levitz has established his universe and can explore it some more.  I’ll look at this to be one of the titles still sticking around next year about this time.

SHOULD IT SUCCEED: LOSH is an interesting concept and I think this book could be good.  Many of the problems with the first issue could be chalked up to Levitz just trying to tie everything together and I feel the book should do better in the coming issues.

-joshua mcconnaugheys-