Review the DCnU: Voodoo #1

When the announcement of the various title coming out of the new DCU were going to be, Voodoo was one of those titles I found myself questioning. Like Grifter she is one of the characters to be carried over from the Wildstorm universe.  I really wasn’t sure how she was going to work as a solo title in the DC Universe.

By Ron Marz and Sami Basri

Voodoo and All Characters Copyright © DC Comics.

Now that the Wildstorm universe has been folded in the DCU, many fans have wondered how their favorite characters were going to be treated.  Grifter was one that I didn’t really like the DC spin on the character so far so this book had me hesitant I have to admit though I actually really surprised that I liked this book.  While the book was no masterpiece it was good. Marz here manages to keep some of the more familiar elements of the character.  In the new reboot version she is still a stripper, she is still an alien, but this version appears to be a lot more aware of here origins.

This book is not without its controversy as the book has a ton of T&A; in it.  But I don’t think its as big of a deal as say Catwoman or Starfire as this is a lot more in align with the characters already established history.  At times it seemed a bit much but it wasn’t really a bad thing that took away from the story as they managed to make the characters compelling and somewhat sympathetic.

Marz has made sure to provide some good strong character moments here in the midst of all that is going on at the strip club.  The art is one of the highlights of the book here. Basri provides some truly incredible drawings that are both great and appealing to the eyes.

Voodoo and All Characters Copyright © DC Comics.

The real only draw back is at time the book seems to be a little on the slow pace.  This is entirely due to the writer and artists decision to feature what appeared to be some rather long drawn out stripping scenes. I think the book could have done on cutting back there and adding either more action or character development but the ending leads one to believe that this will not be a problem in future issues.

GRADE OF NEW TITLE: Long drawn out stripping scenes aside I think this was a pretty solid first issue.  I’ll give this book a good B.  It was pretty well down and the character moments really made this book stand out.

WILL IT SUCCEED: Probably not, and that’s not a knock on the book.  I just really don’t see what the appeal might be to people on a massive scale.  When you think of Wildstorm Voodoo is not one of the first characters that come to mind.  I don’t think that this book will pull in the numbers that will justify DC keeping the book going on.

SHOULD IT SUCCEED: The artwork was really well done and I felt myself drawn into the story and what going on in the conversation between Voodoo and Agent Evans. The book was a really good read and despite my prediction that it will fail I don’t believe that it should.

-joshua mcconnaugheys-