Sons of War

By Vicky Locey

Sons of War is the telling of the twin sons of Ares, the Greek god of bloodlust. One son raised on earth, the other raised on Olympus. Once the two boys are reunited they set off on the ultimate roadtrip, meeting up with new friends, old enemies, monsters, mythos and women, and not necessarily in that order! Bookmark with:      

#Article TitleDateAuthor
1Sons of War – Epilogue – Rise TodayMonday, 25 June 2012Vicki Locey
2Sons of War – Issue # 49 – See You on the Other SideMonday, 18 June 2012Vicki Locey
3Sons of War – Issue # 48 – Pray For AllMonday, 11 June 2012Vicki Locey
4Sons of War Issue # 47 – Lead Us to WarMonday, 04 June 2012Vicki Locey
5Sons of War Issue # 46 – Bringers of DeathMonday, 28 May 2012Vicki Locey